We carefully select facilities such as orphanages, hospitals, schools, and communities internationally that are in need of our support. Our prequalification process involves a meticulous study of potential facilities or communities to see what type of assistance is required and how our funding would improve the lives of children. Our organization will then dedicate a representative who will travel to the area to provide the necessary support on location. If another organization is assisting a facility or community in an area of need, we may provide them with financial support or fundraising assistance and support the efforts they have in place.

Most of our assistance includes, but is not limited to: food, clothing, medical supplies, and support. If financial assistance is required to improve the conditions of the selected group of children, they will receive the necessary financial assistance. In cases where medical assistance is required but not available in the country of residence, children may be transported to the United States for medical treatment.

We believe that children’s education is tantamount to their health. Thus, we are committed to ensuring that children around the world have access to education that provides them with a better future.

Our activities are solely focused on serving children worldwide with no financial benefit or incentive to the members or directors of this organization. Our tax exempt status allows us to have access to a larger financial support base and enables us to use this financial support to its maximum value.

We the founding members have the will and ability to combine our efforts and raise funds through activities such as dinners, luncheons, races, picnics, and other indoor and outdoor events. In addition, the founding members will also contribute monetarily. Our annual goal is to raise a minimum of $20,000, which will go entirely toward our charitable projects. This organization thrives with the donations of time and money from caring and sympathetic supporters, who share our passion for providing care and quality of life for children in need, nationally and internationally. We are forever grateful for the kindness of our past and present donors, and hope you will join our donors in helping us fulfill our present and future project goals.