Project Orphan Outreach

Big Dreams connected with Reverend Adams and Project Orphan Outreach in 2008, and discovered that our philosophy mirrors her own. We decided to work together on some of our Russian orphanage projects. As partners, we strive to be an active presence as mentors in children’s lives: visiting with them, teaching English language courses, taking them on field trips, and sponsoring trips to the U.S. to see leading prosthetics specialists who can give them personal, life-changing care. 


Eastern Security

We are happy to announce the establishment of our partnership with Eastern Security, one of Russia’s leading companies for broad spectrum security solutions. Within this partnership, the top priority of Eastern Security will be to assist Big Dreams in all its projects in the Russian Federation on a non-profit basis.    


SimCloud Corporation is a leading provider of emerging technology-based business solutions. As part of their mission of moving forward and giving back, SimCloud has helped Big Dreams Children’s Foundation increase public awareness though its technology services. “Big Dreams Children’s Foundation is a very important project for SimCloud. The ability to make a difference by helping those that less fortunate has always been at the forefront of the organization,” says Nicholas Pappas, Executive Chairman. “We will continue to help the BDCF in any way we can.”


Toy company Lammily launched their first realistically-proportioned fashion doll in 2014. Since then, it has continued developing dolls and accessories that inspire self-confidence and promote positive body image to kids around the world. Lammily believes Real is Beautiful—and Big Dreams Children's Foundation agrees. Our founder, Ksenia Gonchar, encouraged Lammily's founder, Nikolai Lamm, to create a doll-sized wheelchair to promote disability representation. In 2017, Lamm released Lammily Wheelchair, currently the only fashion doll-sized wheelchair on the market. A portion of all proceeds from this product support Big Dreams Children's Foundation.