Ongoing project:

Dmitrov Orphanage for Children with Physical Disabilities


Big Dreams Children’s Foundation has partnered up with Reverend Kathryn Adams and Project Orphan Outreach for this ongoing mission very near and dear to our hearts. We recognize the endless need for solutions of problems that orphans face. We believe that with this shared effort and direct approach, we can provide infinitely more services directly  to these children than most foundations can.

 Our vision for the most effective way to improve their lives is simple. We invest in these children, make a commitment to them, bond with them and establish trust via our wonderful volunteers. This most basic form of interaction is something that sadly many of these children have never had. It is the bridge to opening up the world to them. Next, we fortify their world with support and learning experiences that would not normally happen in a typical orphanage. We sponsor and accompany them on field trips,  play educational games, and expose them to practical  lessons that mentor healthy ideals about how to live and interact functionally within society. 

We help them to recognize their many individual strengths and gradually gain independence and confidence. These are essential skills to navigate in the world outside the walls of the orphanage. We want them to begin to not only gain sight of their dream ( some for the first time), but then actually believe that they too can live their dream with the right tools in place.

Our choice of the Dmitrov Orphanage was not a random. In everyday Russia in almost every city and town, there are very few environments that can accommodate the transit of persons with disabilities. Most buildings are not outfitted with ramps, buses and other means of public transportation are not equipped to accommodate those with mobility limitations. This is the primary roadblock  for most of Russia's disabled population. If you cannot even get out of your door, how can you live a productive life? 
As difficult as life is for handicapped persons, orphans that are disabled face an even morebleak future.  

Dmitrov Orphanage houses over 200 children with disabilities. In cooperation with Project Orphan Outreach, we were able to change the fate of a few of them, such as Kolya and Vlad. They had traveled to the United States for custom prosthetic legs. They arrived to Ohio in wheelchairs and returned to the orphanage walking on their very own prosthetic feet.

A new world has opened up for them! Vlad, now 23, has completed the Orphanage's program. He lives now on his own and has a girlfriend. His prosthetic limbs have enabled him to join the Russian Paralympic curling team. 

We plan to continue helping orphans by organizing such trips regularly, pairing them with special programs that suit their individual interests and skills  and provide them with prosthetics in the United States. Moreover, we plan to bring small groups of orphans from Dmitrov to the USA for an educational, life changing trip on an annual basis. 
We look ahead to our plan of opening an Assistance Center near the Orphanage. The Center will be the site for highly specialized professionals toteach the kids invaluable skills for their independent living outside the walls of the Orphanage. The center will also host Vocational Education and Occupational Therapies, that is suited to their specific disabilities. This skill building is the key to their ability to support themselves or supplement their source of income. 

Each and every contribution helps us get one step closer to both fulfilling much needed individual services to an individual Orphan in need and also to our future plan to build The Center. We are so grateful for each and every sponsor and donation and hope that we can count on your support.

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