Vlad was a still a young child living in an orphanage when Kathryn Adams, Founder of Project Orphan Outreach, first met him. He was in a wheelchair because his legs had been amputated after a horrific accident that had happened years prior. The orphanage provided training for Vlad to pursue a career as an accountant, but his dream had always been to excel in sports. With support from Project Orphan Outreach and Big Dreams Children's Foundation, Vlad is now pursuing his dreams.

Project Orphan Outreach sponsored Vlad's first trip to the US, to get prosthetics from a specialist in Ohio. He returned to the orphanage few months later, and was walking again! Prosthetics need to be replaced and repaired as children grow, so a few years later, Project Orphan Outreach reached out to Big Dreams for ongoing assistance with this need. Big Dreams now sponsors routine trips to provide Vlad with required prosthetic repairs and readjustments. He is now in his 20s, has graduated from the orphanage, and is a member of the Russian Paralympic curling team, thanks to his prosthetics — as well as his personal strength.