Viktoriia Terentieva

Viktoriia has joined our team in 2018 and will be leading programs for orphans with disabilities at one of the Ukraine’s orphanages in the Odessa region. Viktoriia has a lot of experience working with special needs children as she is an aunt to a child with cerebral palsy and is very passionate about helping children with disabilities reach their full potential.


Nicholas S. Pappas

Nicholas joined Big Dreams in 2012 to promote the support and well being of orphaned children. He believes in giving back and providing a genuine service to others. As an entrepreneur, this standard continues to be instrumental in the success of both his clients and within his own companies. Nicholas currently provides Big Dreams with technology, marketing, and fundraising assistance. The goal is to build a network of advocates and supporters which will enable Big Dreams to help these children mature into independent, thriving individuals. “I feel blessed to promote an organization where 100% of donations and efforts are directly applied to children in need.”


Yelena Lamm

Yelena is an artist and graphic designer. A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, she moved to the U.S. in 1995 with her family and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She joined the Big Dreams team in 2015 to provide design services for online and printed materials. Yelena's design experiences include branding for non-profit adoption agencies, Adopt-A-Child International, Inc. and REEAA (Russian Eastern European Adoption Agency, Inc.), as well as Yevgeny Girel Orphans Foundation, Inc. Currently, she is an art director for Lammily LLC, an innovative startup company which creates realistically-proportioned fashion dolls and accessories to promote positive body image for young kids. “Knowing that my work helps a great cause always makes me happy.” 


Sergei Ivlev

Sergei Ivlev has joined our team in 2017. Sergei lives in Moscow, Russia and is a trusted volunteer for our Dmitrov orphanage projects. A professional hockey player in the past, Sergei had to retire from sports early due to the unknown health condition that affects his vision. Sergei was able to adapt and is now a successful businessman. In his free time he happily volunteers for Big Dreams Children's Foundation. He has a good understanding of how many more challenges people with disabilities have to overcome to become successful, and happily provides support to those in need.