On April 9th, 2016, a group of 5 top students and 2 teachers from one of the Russian orphanages arrived in Dallas, TX for their educational and inspirational trip to the USA, fully sponsored and hosted by Big Dreams Children's Foundation. During this trip, they visited REACH of Dallas (Rehabilitation, Education, and Advocacy for Citizens with Handicaps) for numerous presentations on the rights and opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as the latest devices developed to make life of people with disabilities more fulfilling; Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas with its state of the art medical facilities and equipment specializing on correction of disabilities and prosthetic treatments; Richardson High School of Dallas shown by the Principal, Mrs. King, with all of its incredible educational and athletic facilities; as well as countless tourist attractions in Dallas, Fort Worth and New York City. The group was able to see and experience first hand how advanced the United States are in the world arena when it comes to the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities. This trip has shown the group that their future is entirely in their hands and new technologies are developed every day to enable them to accomplish more and more.

Big Dreams Children's Foundation looks forward to making more life changing trips possible with your help and support!