Stas is missing one leg and has been walking on crutches his entire life, which led to severe scoliosis and numerous spine surgeries. Even though he walked (and even ran!) on his crutches quite well, they were exacerbating his scoliosis problems, and putting a lot of pressure on his spine. Walking with crutches also limited the use of his arms, making it impossible to carry things or participate in sports and games. Big Dreams Children’s Foundation and Project Orphan Outreach helped him come to the US and get a quality prosthetic leg in 2015. Stas came with an adult chaperone from the orphanage and another resident of the orphanage, Kolya, who was due for his prosthetics' repair. In between doctor visits, we organized an outing for the two friends to watch the NHL hockey game and meet with the players afterwards.

We know that Stas' prosthetic leg not only makes it easier for him to walk, but also relieves pressure on his back and will hopefully prevent more spine surgeries.